Where to start. My name is Kevan Chandler, middle name Peter after my father. I am a storyteller, and a sound editor by trade. I am also an adventurer, though I believe that can be said of anyone involved in this trip. This is not to say I am a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junky, but there simply are places and things I'd like to experience in life and I've committed to them despite the challenges. My disabilities leave me limited, bound to a wheelchair and short on stamina to take on the world. Still, I push myself to see these dreams come true. This, of course, would be impossible without my amazing friends and family, who carry me (sometimes literally) every step of the way in all I do. It is their strength which sees me through. This trip to Europe is no different, just on a bigger scale in every regard than anything else I (or we) have done before.