Remembering Saints

A quick note on saints. We will explore these men more in depth later, but I have been reflecting lately on the lives of Saints Julian and Christopher. Both are considered the Patron Saints of travelers, and they share similar stories, or at least occupations. That is to say, they both were charged with the order of carrying travelers across a river. Julian did so with a boat while Christopher actually carried folks on his back. But here's what has been on my mind -- that they are Patron Saints for travel, not because they travelled, but because they made travel possible for others. 
I am humbled by the brothers who carry me, who make my journeys and my general life possible. It's incredible to me, and it's an undeniable, unapologetic picture of Christ. And this beautiful sacrifice impresses me to do the same. Maybe not in the same way, exactly, but to build others up and give of myself however I must to make their lives better, to carry them into adventure and make their dreams come true, to show them they are loved beyond their wildest imaginations. Because that's what it's all about. 

Let us be remembered, not for the opportunities we seize, but for the opportunities we make possible for others.