Joyful Commitment

Today, we fly out of Atlanta and make our way to Paris. Last night, we stayed at a hotel in Atlanta and invited a family over to visit that we had connected with online. They reached out a few months ago, asking about the backpack, as they have a son who would benefit from a similar setup. He is number two of four biological sons, and they have a foster boy too. Mom and Dad are church planters, high energy and passionate about family and community. Needless to say, we hit it off right away. So, we got pizza and swapped stories about growing up with disabilities and traveling. Oh, and we talked about Mine Craft too! That was fun! Before they left, the father and son gave our pack a test run and it was amazing to see the son light up as his dad stood tall. 

Over these past few months, it's been neat to see my life and story inspiring others. And I hope that's the case now too, but as this unbelievable family loaded into their van and drove off, I was overwhelmed with how much they inspired me. They're love and joyful commitment to one another - that's the stuff that changes the world. It's our message, the point of this adventure and we're intentional about conveying it, but to this family it's a natural outpouring. It's every day life and they are having a ball with it. That's the heart I long to have, and the kind of hearts I'm so thankful to be surrounded by.