We're Here

Our flight through the night brought us right into Paris yesterday morning (Monday). Going through security and meeting up with the rest of our team was smoother and faster than we could have ever imagined. Then, three trams and several flights of stairs later, we found our flat. None of us had slept in over 24 hours. My thoughts, personally, were set on toilet, washing, food, sleep. You know, the necessities.

We came into the flat (two levels) and all spread out to explore. Me and "Harv" (the backpack) were set in the living for the time being while we got our bearings of the layout. But I wasn't left there for long! From upstairs, Luke and Tom let out a cheer and Tom came running back down. "You gotta see this," he said as he scooped me out of the backpack and we began our ascent of the narrow spiral staircase. Side note - we passed a life-size Spider-Man statue on the way up. When we reached the top, he carried me into the master bedroom, where everyone huddled around the window in complete wonder. And suddenly, everything else, all our temporal needs and discomforts, faded away.

I sat on the floor for the next hour with my friends, staring out upon Montmartre, with Sacre-Coeur on the reachable horizon. Rain pattered on the sill, traffic and voices lapped like waves over the city. Time stood still as we let it all sink in and thanked the Lord for every bit. We're here.