Paris to London

It's a little after 10:00 PM here in England. We've made it to our host home, in a small town just outside London. Tom, Ben, and I are up, watching Coldplay on TV, performing live at Glastonbury. The rest of the gang has gone to bed and we'll be joining soon.

It was a long day of subways and trains from Paris to here, with some unexpected twists in the narrative. Namely, we wound up at the wrong train station in Paris and realized it 30 minutes before our train left across town. I was on Philip's back and that guy took off running! You know that rush you get running last minute across the terminal to your plane? Well that was us, but across all of Paris. Yes, it was as wild and nerve-wracking and as awesome as it sounds. Unfortunately, we missed our train, but they put us on the next one with no extra charge, so it all worked out. Our host family is amazing and welcomed our weary souls with open arms, a comfortable home, and all the Flaming Lips albums one could ever hope for.

Tomorrow will be full of fun in London, but tonight we relax in a flat on the English countryside and thank the Lord for another unforgettable day.