A special post from one of our carriers, Mr. Philip Keller.

Saint Christopher is so revered within the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions, that, like any beloved person, the stories of his life have grown to legendary proportions.  Thankfully, as with any Saint, it is not only the historical veracity of his life, but rather his story that communicates truth.  His icon bears a striking resemblance to We Carry Kevan’s logo, and his message informs our trip. What a worthy patron! About 200 years after the life of Christ, during Decius’ reign in Rome, Christopher made a living using his great strength to carry people across a river on his shoulders. Saint Babylas of Antioch had advised Christopher that “he could best serve Christ by doing well the task for which he was best suited,” so in his search for Christ, Christopher used his physical strength to serve others. One day, as he ferried a small child, the weight inexplicably became greater with every step. Christopher feared that he and the child would drown in the raging river. When he finally made it across, the child informed Chris that the weight he bore was the sins of the world. At this point, Christopher recognized the child whom he had carried as Christ. By his service to others, Christopher had taken on Christ. It was literally Christ whom he served. Saint Matthew also taught this, writing from Jesus’s perspective: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

This river incident, and his later torture and martyrdom, demonstrates that by Saint Christopher found Christ by giving himself up.  It is from this that we get the name “Christ-opher” or “Christ-bearer.” Saint Christopher, pray to God for us!