Friends, Family, World

The gang and I arrived home a little earlier this week, and we have been enjoying the comfort of our own beds. It has been wonderful to reunite with our families, too, whom we have missed these past few weeks. I, personally, am visiting my sister and parents for a few days at the home where I grew up. Since I moved out, three years ago, they’ve expanded the garden, remodeled the kitchen, added a roof to the deck. Things change, like furniture and curtains, but I can still return here and it’s still home. I’m reminded of the line from an Avett Brothers’ song, “It’s not where I am, it’s who I’m with.” This is something I thought of on the trip, too, in regards to the friends I was with. 

We had some really amazing days, dancing down the streets of Paris, feeding parakeets in Kensington, hiking to the top of old Skellig Michael. But we had some tough days too, like when we missed our train in France, or when almost all of us got sick in England, or when I sprained my foot in Ireland. And there were boring, quiet days when we reluctantly opted for rest instead of adventure. In all of these circumstances, though, I had the guys around me. Luke, Ben, Tom, Philip, Robbie, Jamison. Big or small, happy or hard, every experience I had across the pond was with these brothers by my side, and that made it good, special, priceless.

And we had you all with us. You followed online, sent emails, left comments. Some of you met up with us on purpose while some just happened to run into us. We made new friends, too, and hopefully you’re following along now to stay in touch. Our story is just getting started, and it’s about a lot more than just seven guys on the road.

So, with that, I want to thank you for supporting us, inspiring us, and cheering us on. We couldn't have made this trip without you, and we wouldn’t have wanted to. Keep an eye out for the book and documentary, coming Spring of 2017. And stay tuned, also, for more adventures on the horizon.