If you’re going to do something
this crazy, you should have proof
that it actually happened.
— Kevan Chandler

This was what Kevan told himself when the idea came together in 2015 to backpack across Europe... as the backpack. After all, the 30-year-old ginger had never been out of his wheelchair for more than a few hours, let alone overseas, in a foreign land. So, as plans came together for the trip, he enlisted the professional cinematic skills of friend, Luke Thompson. He also committed his thoughts to a journal, logging the development and eventual fulfillment of the dream. With help from their creative community, Kevan and Luke are producing a novel and documentary respectively, regaling their story of seven friends who explored France, England, and Ireland in the summer of 2016.

Book Credits: 

Kevan Chandler

A.S. Peterson

Rachel Hammitt
Cover Designer

Film Credits: 

Luke Thompson
Director, Editor, First Unit Cinematographer

Jamison Hill
Director's Assistant, Second Unit Cinematographer

Kevan Chandler
Writer, Narrator

Tom Troyer
Composer, Recording Engineer

Chris Lee
Voiceover Recording Engineer

Stephen Price
Sound Mixer

Rachel Hammitt
Graphic Designer