There's No 'I' in Kevan


After an amazing experience this summer, the We Carry Kevan team is working toward opportunities to help others. My friends and I explored Paris, hiked through the English countryside, and scaled the legendary island of Skellig Michael. And we did it all without my wheelchair! Using a specially designed backpack, my friends carried me where I could otherwise never go. It was incredible! And now we want to make that possible for other disabled folks. That may mean designing a backpack or some other apparatus unique for individuals or facilitating the plan of and provision of an adventure. 
This is our dream, and we've heard from enough families and friends to know the need is there. Doors are opening left and right for this dream to come true and we've already started working with a handful of people. It's exciting to be part of their lives as the world opens up to them through fresh approaches to accessibility. 
To best steward this new frontier, we are currently working on several things. First, I am writing a book about our trip and we are also producing a film along the same lines. Our hope is to use these platforms to get our story further out there and grow our audience for better effectiveness of the dream. While all of this is in motion, we're also hard at work establishing We Carry Kevan as an official nonprofit. This will allow us, both legally and financially, to go full-fledged into helping folks like we really want to.
Our dream is big, and these steps to reach it will take some time. We're too antsy to wait quietly, though, so for now, we can offer consultations, visits, and speaking engagements. Please don't hesitate to contact us at with these inquiries and we'll do what we can to come alongside you. And keep an eye out for developments on our various fronts by following us on Facebook and Instagram. 
Thank you for joining our ongoing story! We're glad to have you along!

- Kevan Chandler