the WCK Pack

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Donate a backpack to someone in need.

The WCK Pack is a carrier device specially designed for individuals with disabilities to go where wheelchairs cannot, with the help of friends and family.


  • Adjustable harness fits the carrier’s individual height; forward pull hipbelt is easy to tighten.

  • Side-entry buckles allow rider easy access to the seat.

  • Height-adjustable seat and adjustable, 5-point safety harness are engineered for an individual to ride comfortably and securely

  • Padded handles; removable chest pad; adjustable stirrups and wrist-cuffs; hipbelt pocket with rear-view mirror.

  • The Carrier also features an external mesh pocket, 2 front pockets and reflective light loop

  • Rigorous testing exceeds federal and state standards to help ensure quality, safety, performance and functionality

  • The total load limit, including rider, pack, and contents, should be no more than 70 lbs (32 kg).



The WCK Pack is beneficial for kids with disabilities getting to experience walking and learning weight shifts … It helps with bone density and overall joint health.

  • Michaela Patterson (Physical Therapist)


We visited trails in Aspen and Estes Park, in Colorado. Owen loved being up high enough to take in the sights and enjoy the beautiful mountains.

  • Josh and Jenn Donahue


The WCK Pack allows our family to enjoy hikes and nature. It reminds us that Karson’s needs aren’t a barrier, but rather an obstacle for us to overcome together.

  • Kris and Brandi King

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